8-10 September 2016

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The Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, with over 3000 students, offers 13 undergraduate courses (licenciatura), 30 Master’s courses (mestrado) and 18 doctoral courses (doutoramento) in the following areas: Archaeology, Information Science, Communication Sciences, Language Sciences, Teaching Methodology, Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Geography, History, History of Art, Classical and Modern Languages, Literature, Museology, Portuguese as a Foreign Language, International Relations, Sociology, Translation Studies and Tourism. Some of these courses are taught jointly with other Faculties of the University of Porto and/or other universities.

Apart from the degrees offered, the Faculty also provides a wide variety of vocational training courses as well as open courses (including a range of language programmes, from Arabic, Chinese and Japanese to Hungarian, Polish and Persian). Most of the vocational training courses are certified by the Portuguese Pedagogical and Scientific Council for In-Service Training and award credits for career development.

Based on an exchange of knowledge and expertise, the courses are designed to encourage the production of scientific knowledge and provide students with the professional skills they will require to enter the labour market and to pursue endeavours in entrepreneurship. A number of the master’s courses have a professional training component that includes internships in companies or schools, an excellent opportunity for students to gain experience in a work environment and consequently fulfil their goals of educational excellence.

The Faculty’s teaching staff is highly qualified with almost all its members hold a doctoral degree. They are vastly prolific in scientific production and have significant international experience in their areas of research and teaching. Both teaching staff and PhD and master’s students are involved in a number of on-going national and international research projects as part of the activities of R&D Units accredited and financed by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology.

The Faculty is also involved in student and teaching staff exchange programmes, namely through cooperation agreements with renowned foreign institutions, particularly with European and Brazilian universities.

The Faculty’s Central Library holds close to 300.000 volumes, which are available in its digital catalogue, and is extensively used by the its students, as well as students from other faculties and universities. It also provides specialized international databases, and readers can consult a wide range of electronic publications and journals. Additionally, the Digital Library provides users with full text access to the Faculty’s publications.



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